Charmings was established in 1987 and in year 2000, a manufacture base was set up in Guangdong Province, Shunde. With its scale and strength, Charmings is renowned as a fashionable jewellery enterprise with design, manufacturing, sales and marketing among the four biggest jewellery manufacturing region in China that is Shenzhen, Panyu, Huadu and Shunde.

Charmings always focuses on original designs and technological development aimed at producing trendy, creative and elegant products. In the past two decades, under the leadership of Mr. Lam and through the cooperation with many branded international companies, Charmings has brought up with a foundation with the uniqueness of European styles, which contributes charming’s products comprises European notions with oriental characteristic. MG, in Chinese, means “Marvelous Generation”, inspired by an extraordinary mission to generate the western fashion and technology with the communication and promotion of oriental culture.

The company consists of approximately 8,000 square meters plant, and over 500 employees in the factory which includes senior designers, model makers, mould technicians and other skillful craft masters.

Dedicated to pursuit the consistency of highest quality products, Charmings management not only combined designers’ creativity but also introduced advance equipments and manufacturing technologies all over the world.

In order to meets the world’s changing trend and let customers to have a detail look of Charmings master crafts, Charmings selects latest designs seasonally with its customer-oriented sales and marketing team to participate in international exhibitions in America, Italy, Singapore, England, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc.

In addition to fulfill market demands, Charmings also pay an emphasis in generating new ideas and innovative production lines, targeted at enhancing the standards of China jewellery industry and driving the trends of ethnical jewellery.

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